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Lucinda Keen has been designing and making paper-cuttings for nearly 20 years. Lucinda is a qualified and practising veterinary surgeon in the Cotswolds, but has always had an artistic flair. Her incredibly intricate designs are hand-drawn and scissor-cut, taking up to 70 hours to make. Her work is inspired by a true passion for the British countryside and often features hunting, polo and shooting scenes. Lucinda takes any opportunity to travel, either exploring or working as a vet, which often provides interesting ideas for her work.

With simply black paper, a pencil and a pair of scissors she is able to create beautiful artwork full of character, with minute detail that demands more than a first glance.

Each design is truly unique, no two pieces alike. Hand-drawn and painstakingly cut with incredibly fine scissors which Lucinda imports from Switzerland, her work is professionally framed floating between two panes of glass before being mounted. This unique framing method enables each tiny scissor cut to be appreciated. Only a limited number of originals are available at any time due to the time taken to create each piece.

Commissions are undertaken at request.

Papercutting dates back to the sixth century. The oldest surviving papercutting from the six dynasties period is still on display in Xinjiang, China.

From Asia, papercutting knowledge spread along trade routes, appearing in West Asia and Turkey in the 16th century and across most of middle Europe shortly after.

Scherenschnitte, the papercutting technique used at The PaperFox which translates literally as ‘scissor cuts’, is unique to the small Pays d’Enhaut region of Switzerland and often features traditional images of hill farming and mountain life.

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